The project ”Steps towards a better future!” is addressed to the Roma community from Baranca, Hudesti, Botosani. The activities foreseen within the project envisage integrated intervention measures that aim at promoting the social inclusion and education within the Roma community. Therefore, the activities shall develop on three distinct layers: one addressed to the children aged between 7 and 15, one addressed to their parents/legal guardians and one addressed to the specialized stuff, which in this case is represented by the teachers of the school from Baranca. The activities addressed to the children include both formal and informal education activities. Thus, there will be provided a school-after-school programme, teaching them Romanian, Maths, English and Informatics, helping them to overcome the obstacles in the learning process and preparing them for the national tests. Informal activities such as the “alive library”, the labyrinth theatre and the different debates aim at developing the independent life activities of the children involved within the project. The second layer is addressed to the parents of these children. Within the project, they will benefit from parental counseling, becoming thus more involved in the school activities and more aware of the importance of education. A third layer is addressed to the teachers from the school of Baranca, that will benefit from trainings in order to learn about instruments and methods used in preventing violence and especially the phenomenon of bullying in schools. To put it in a nutshell, the project aims at creating a viable partnership between the school, the parents, the teachers, the pupils and the local authorities in order to ensure a higher level o education within the community, especially by ncouraging the children to continue the studies in any high-school from the county.

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